Best Dining Restaurant in New Delhi

For a city like Delhi, which is filled with people and traffic from everywhere,  flocking since dawn and long after dusk, an all-in-one stay experience seems a bit like a distant dream. This is where Suryaa hotel comes in to lit life into your dreams. Suryaa hotel houses Ssence, the 24×7 world cuisine restaurant to provide you with the delicious food around the clock. Being the Best Dining Restaurant in New Delhi, Ssence offers you an eccentric dining experience with sumptuous buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Filled with the scent of hospitality and the aroma of mouth watering dishes, the restaurant serves food to meet the tastes of local and international guests.Along with the tranquillity provided through the graceful motifs and luxurious suites, Suryaa extends the warmth of a comfy bar and lounge in Delhi with Atrium, the signature lounge bar. Atrium is the epitome spot to discover the spectacular range of wine collection from over the world for you to relish yourself with your loved ones. Regardless of being the best Bar and Lounge in Delhi, the Atrium holds four distinguished all-glass wine-towers store, display and boast the collection of the likes of Chateau Maurens, Chateau Bois Pertuis, Chateau Pape Clement, Ca. Marcanda just to name a few. In addition to all those above, a comprehensive beverage selection, an array of short-eats and health bites, classic leather-made and contemporary open seating, attentive sommelier at your service to ease you out with wines; Atrium Lounge is just the precise bar and lounge you are in look for at Delhi.If your heart craves for a new level of worldly experience in the savouring delicacy, well you’ll just have to come to Sampan, the leader among the restaurants in south Delhi. Sampan offers you with a complete serendipity, in regards with the food awaiting you. The tastes of the delectable delights from around all of Asia, is all ready to provide a heavenly experience to your taste buds. The appetizing flavours of the Asian delicacy amidst the dim lighting providing an exquisite ambience to the whole area, will amaze you with the touch of luxury throughout your dining. This charm and delight of Asia that go hand in hand to deliver you the amiability, is something you’ll never see and absolutely uncommon from the Restaurants in South Delhi. From the Mandalay curries to the traditional Mandarin, from the Vietnamese Popiah to the Japanese Hitoku, from the Singaporean chilli crabs to the succulent Sushi; we have every dish from around Asia to satiate your hunger for the Asian ecstasy and make your dining to memorable.

Beyond the privileges like dining and stays offered by Suryaa to ease your mind off the routine blues, it also provides you with elite leisure facilities, something that’s outlandish for a Club Lounge in South Delhi. The club lounge enthrals you with boardrooms to hold in small meetings, and along with that, it deluges you with leisure facilities that will capture the moments of serenity. The pool table enchants you with the feel of classy business vicinity to encompass your mind and soul. The library heals you off the hustle and bustle you had to face in the big city; also your kids could have their own time with the play station within the corridors. With the Hi-speed internet waiting to drench you with the data you need, you’ll never find a club lounge in south Delhi like the one we have.

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