Capital Chill Out: A Place of Solace within the City Stretch

Whether you are chilling-out with friends or brainstorming with your colleagues, being at a place of solace makes an eternal difference to your experience and output. Everyone needs a break from the throttle-pace of the City environment. When you are looking for an oasis within city, where you could replenish your mental and physical faculties, a sky lounge is choice for the chosen ones. You can once again falling in love with the capital City, at the Sky Lounge in New Friends Colony.

Located within City limits, the Suryaa offers a panorama view of India’s capital city, brimming with life and action. An ability to completely relax your mind has the ability to refocus your mind and give new inspirations. It’s the point of introspection and original thinking as you look towards hustle and bustle of the City from a safe distance. It also wields power to relax your mind, regulating your heart beat and relieving the blood pressure to an optimal level.

The Lounge also offers you small meetings boardroom, where you could have a discussion of intent. As you are separated from official atmosphere, you could be able to finally break that idea barrier. It can also be a place where your team comes forthright about their plans and ideas. At its relaxing ambience and vibe, you can let your team chill out after a challenging quarter or week. All comes at an easily accessible location of sky lounge in New Friends Colony.

After absorbing an encapsulating view and ambience, you could turn your attention towards pleasure of surrounding landscape. You could immerse in a game of light skills, trying your hands at pool table, play station or board games. Otherwise, you can take a hop into a virtual time-travel machine, once again be amidst of books in our well-stocked library.

The Sky lounge is a place where you can open yourself to new sensibilities – a place of total casual chill-out or serious contemplation.

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