Dealing with new generation of fitness-minded travellers

Gone are the days when hotels had namesake Gym and Spa just to list them under the services they offer. A wimpy gym in a god-forbidden corner of the hotel building with outdated equipments is the last thing on the minds of the modern, health conscious travellers who ask about the fitness center before they enquire about the room tarrif.


The dawning of the new age of fitness freaks has sparked off an evolution for well functioning Gym and Spa in the hotels which has turned from an optional to an essential factor while booking a hotel.

The Suryaa- A health-conscious traveller’s choice

Step into The Club One Fitness and Spa at The Suryaa and you will realize that it is a wonderful blend of fitness with a full-service pamper-me spa and salon.


It exactly fits into the bill of the new age fitness-minded travellers who seek healthier options for unwinding and de-stressing.

The Club One Fitness @ The Suryaa

The décor of the fitness rooms are pumped up on adrenaline so much so that the guest would never miss the gym back home. The gymnasium boasts of highly advanced cardio and strength-training machines with separate section for weights and facilities for yoga and stretching.The gym is equipped with treadmills, cycles, cross-trainers, ski machine, reclimbers, and steppers.

3 The Suryaa also recognizes that not all guests can carry off with tough training equipments; some would prefer kinder version. The hotel also has lower-impact elliptical machines and recumbent bikes, distinct areas for strength training with resistance bands and stability balls, stretching and core training facilities for abdominals and lower back for those who prefer them.
The Club One Spa @ The Suryaa

The gym is connected to the spa. Without any prior appointment, the guests can walk in the sizeable steam room to soothe the body after an intense workout session. The Fitness Centre also features sauna, steam, a chill pool, impulse showers, a Jacuzzi and a hydro bath with separate Ladies & Gents section.


Considering the guest’s convenience, the hotel extends its services of the Fitness center between 6 am to 10 pm. A well-maintained outdoor swimming pool is operational between 7 am to 9 pm with a lifeguard.


The Club One Salon @ The Suryaa

The spa is attached to a salon which has a pleasant décor and comfortable furniture. The trained attendants fuss around the guest and make sure that they are well treated and pampered. The services on offer are hair colouring, pedicure, manicure, foot massage, head massage, facial, face cleanup etc.


The salon also offers attractive packages for these services. These services would sure put them on cloud 9 leaving them looking and feeling like a celebrity!!

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