Delhi Delicious: The Inviting Iftar

Having served as the capital of the almost the entire sub-continent for over a millennium, history resonates in every nook & corner of this celebrated city. While the iconic Qutab Minar is reminiscent of Delhi Sultanate era, so is the grand Red fort that manifests the alluring charm of the Mughal era. But it’s these delicacies from the antiquity that ring the bell of what the city has come to be, a true hotch potch of cultures & cuisines.Come Ramzan & Delhi is the place to be! From Chawri Bazar to Jama Masjid, the walk takes you about an hour & across numerous food points, each famous for its own delectable speciality. From paneer jalebis to kheema samosas, from nihari to buff ??? biryani, there exist very few places that capture the essence of the festive spirit of Ramzan like Delhi.Having fasted for the entire day & recited the Iftar Namaz (prayer at the dusk), the crowd heads to this renowned food-fair of an area with a range of culinary items to be chosen to break the fast there are some famous restaurants in Delhi. Most popular of them include Mutton kebabs made of soft mutton kheema(minced meat), the authentic Nihari (slow cooked buff) served with hot ‘Khameeri’ Rotis, delectable Changezi chicken, Firni – a delicious dessert & mouth-watering ‘ShahiTukda’, to name a few. With Ramzan on the weekend, it could be a great idea to take a trip through those amazing by-lanes of old Delhi & give these savories a go! All the best & Eid Mubarak !

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