The Year of Monkey is Here!

8th of February marks the beginning of the Year of The Monkey -Chinese New Year, which is an annual celebration emphasizing the commencement of the New Year in accordance with the Chinese lunisolar calendar. Chinese New Year is mostly celebrated in the months of January or February. Each Chinese new year is characterized by 1 of the 12 Chinese Zodiac creatures’ – 2016 is the year of the Monkey. It is also regarded as the Spring Festival, and in pre-modern times it would ahoy to the farmers in China that they must start preparing for the sowing of their fields.

Chinese New Year- The Suryaa HotelMost of us are way too occupied to spend time in the kitchen discovering the nuances of Chinese cuisine. Let alone managing the complicated, traditional New Year’s dishes, some of which take days to soak, cure or braise is a tough thing to accomplish. However, this should not hinder your Chinese New Year celebration. Come to Sampan – Pan Asian Restaurant, The Suryaa – New Delhi, dive into a sea of relishing and authentic Chinese cuisine and we can bet that you will be craving for more of it. As it is known that the most essential aspect of Chinese New Year is the reunion dinner, which is hosted on the eve of the New Year. During this time all the family members gather for a meal in their parents’ or elder brother’s house, given the change in the lifestyle people prefer going to restaurants.

The reunion dinner menu is usually plush, with a variety of courses including dishes of chicken, pork and fish. In Malaysia, a dish called Yee sang is served first. Yee sang, which is known as the Prosperity Toss is a Teochew-type raw fish salad, and everyone engages to mix this salad with their chop sticks – that certainly involves noise, laughter and smiles. According to the tradition, it is to be believed that the higher you toss the salad, the more your fortunes will be cultivated in the New Year.

Food is an essential element of Chinese New Year, and there is no doubt that Sampan being a Pan Asian Restaurant is ready to take you on a journey of delicious, mouthwatering authentic Chinese food. This year’s celebration is all about food that is traditionally believed to be the luckiest foods of the Chinese New Year table. To give you a glimpse of the menu, here we provide you tiny details of the food items. Filled with pork or vegetables — dumplings are classic Chinese New Year treats, symbolizing prosperity in the New Year.Fish, is traditionally gulped on Chinese New Year to signify abundance. We simply can’t miss out on long noodles that are eaten at Chinese New Year to symbolize long life, and can be prepared in many ways. Also, a whole chicken, which is often served on Chinese New Year marks family unity. So without wasting any more time, join us for the delectable celebration of Chinese New Year here at Sampan.

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