Things to do on a Long weekend in Delhi

Folks! Do you see the long weekend approaching??? A weekend studded with Holi, Good Friday and Easter. Make the most of it while you are at Delhi. Here’s the ‘things-to-do’ to make your weekend a memorable one.

Day one – A day with clouds of colours and fun

Thursday the 24th March 2016 – Celebrate Holi



If you are in Delhi, you are not far from the birthplace of Lord Krishna, the best place to enjoy Holi festivities. Mathura is situated just 4 hours drive from Delhi and offers a beautiful Holi experience. There are theatre acts arranged of the scenes of Radha and Krishna. There are mass celebrations on the streets and the premises of Krishna Temples.
You would love it at Barsana as Holi is taken to a whole new level here! Barsana is a small town near Mathura that attracts a huge crowd during Holi. It is famous for its Lath Mar Holi, where traditionally women beat up men with sticks, based on the legend that Lord Krishna playfully teased his beloved Radha and her friends and the women chased him away with the sticks. Lath Mar Holi is celebrated with women chasing and beating up men from the neighbouring village of Nandgaon. This is accompanied with the men singing songs to tease women. The crowd is ecstatic and crazy. It is fun and frolic all along making it one of the rarest sights that one could ever have.
The state tourist board sets up excellent vantage points for the tourists. A large open ground, on the outskirts of the town is specially set aside for the most magnificent display of the festivities.

Day 2- A trip to remember

Friday the 25th March 2016 – New Delhi

Explore New Delhi, the modern city designed by Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker. The prime attractions of New Delhi include Connaught Place, Jantar Mantar, Lakshminarayan Temple, Rajpath, India Gate, Secretariat buildings, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Sansad Bhavan and the Akshardham Temple.

Day 3The rustic charm that beckons

Saturday the 26th March 2016 – Old Delhi


The Old Delhi has a rustic charm of its own. It is a spectacle dating to the 1600s which talks about the Mughal-era. It is dominated by the Red Fort and the sprawling Jama Masjid mosque. You cannot miss the Chandni Chowk , a vibrant bazaar filled with food carts, sweets shops and spice stalls.

Day 4- Rest, relax and celebrate Easter

Sunday the 27th March 2016 – Enjoy the Easter Meal.


After 3 hectic fun-filled days, you definitely need to slow down. Celebrate Easter with your family. Book a table in a hotel that hosts Easter party. Sit back and enjoy a perfect Easter meal complete with the roast lamb, glazed ham and a lot of desserts.
Relive your wonderful weekend and return with a load of happy memories and a rejuvenated soul until next time.

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